Feb 18, 2008

hello again, melbourne

time flies, used to be my previous blog title. it is true that time flies. 3 months of holiday is going to be over, and i couldnt ask for more. i am going back to melbourne on the 25th night, together with fatts and nicole ( the stupid one ). haha just jk.. anyway unlike fatts, i m stil not in a mood to go back. feeling reluctant to pack, feeling reluctant to go back, for the first time.

almost 3 months spent in kl, basically i did not do much. jobs not found, travels not done, friends not met, i am such a lousy person in these 3 months. i do not know why, i really blame on the immobility without being able to drive around. yes i hate to go back home by bus during peak hours under such hot weather. forget about it it aint going to happen in melbourne.

without my realisation, i have engaged in so many more extra commitment that make me feel even more unwilling to go back. unlike last year, i have no plans ahead (although alot of my plans last yr just vanished like tat). need alot more time to get myself adjusted for uni life again. ppl say uni life is very easy. it is the time where u mould your own characteristic, the time where you meet the friends of your life, the time you pursue your interest, the time you try out new things, the time you learn about the world. i cant feel it at all in melbourne, sadly but seriously. we (typical asian) are still very much protected and academic orientated. what is missing is that something other than book that we can hang up to. feel so disgusted. books will not be my only priority in the coming years. i promise.

hello again, melbourne..

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Feb 15, 2008


had a dinner together with a few secondary schol mate just now. just 6 of us - mun keat, aaraon, william, bryan, benny, and me. although there are just a few of us, but it is always very comfortable to hang around with them. vi - rc - reunion - dinner - enjoy. miss it

my blog... isn't dead yet...

Feb 4, 2008

politics 2

i would like to add on a little bit on my post about my views of politics before this. at the end of the previous post, i mentioned about 2 parties policy. oh yea after some consideration, it is never gonna be an effective one as long as malaysians are still in the 3rd world mindset.

the most essential part for a 2 parties policy to function well is when all the members support for the best suggestions, regardless the idea is given by those from your own party, or from your opposition. In short, when you are in the cabinet, then put those parties issue aside, and do the best for the country. This does not only stimulate the country's growth, but also ensure that government projects does not terminate when a party succeed from another. Besides that, party leaders are also expected to be very open hearted when receiving critics or unsupportive behaviour from members of the own party, if what they pointed out is true and reasonable. A positive competitions with reasonable amounts of critics from the bottom of your party will ensure leaders not to 'sleep away' during their terms.

However, in my beloved home country, for this to happen seemed to be a bit difficult. A BN member will be exiled from the party if he make some comments about his own party. Elected BN members will need to support the policies by their leaders no matter what, and will be very united trying to reject any of the oppositions suggestions, no matter they are good or bad for the country. 3rd world mindset is stil deep inside each and every Malaysian. what should they do, and what they shouldn't, they still do not know. Immature behaviours of any leaders of any country, will only bring suffering to the residents.

politics is still far from dawn...

my blog... isn't dead yet...

Feb 3, 2008


recently, malaysia has been heated up with pre election issues. politicians are seen to be running around the country having talks, government came out with more plans for the country than any other time, oppositions voicing out alot of complains, all because of the coming election possibly in March.

I am in no man's shoe to comment who should be supported and who shouldn't be. however, what is concerning me is that there are actually alot of malaysian youngsters who have been so bored with BN ruling the country for 50 years and have started to support the opposition. I am not against anyone who support the oppositions, but somehow i got so disgusted when i saw there is a group in Facebook that says ' deny BN a 2/3 majority in the election', or any similar issues around. there is even someone on my MSN list whose display name says something like that ' Malaysian can't vote for themselves, such as Malaysian idol, BN, blah blah blah'. I got very disgusted and ashamed when i saw things like this.

I can't say that BN is doing a great job in ruling the country. but they are definitely nowhere near the worst either ( come on just look at Taiwan, look at US ). look around the country, which opposition party has the ability to manage the whole country well? on their own, they are just a small party. PAS with a base in Kelantan can't even settle Islamic issue themselves. DAP which is mainly chinese and is just like terrorist, they hide in everywhere and start their gueriella attack here and there and everywhere, hoping to create chaos in the country and get some votes from those who knows nothing. Keadilan, will it be existed if Anwar is not exiled from the BN?

I am not only talking bad about the oppositions here. but look, how can a party with just mainly one race can win the election? this is Malaysia man, you need to get the support from everyone, every races to win the election. After 50 years of independence, why do the oppositions can't get the idea right? if they do, why are them still on their own by now? yea in one of the recent elections, the opposition did get together and formed an Alliance which consisted of opposition parties from all 3 major ethnics. successful? no. look at it now, DAP no longer want to be in the Aliance anymore. why? simply because they are still on their own even they are under the same name. no mutual understanding, not well established, no good plans, no unity.

stop being such an idiot to roar around trying to bring BN down. if it is being brought down, Malaysia will be in a condition worse than now. Taiwan is already a good example. If PAS wins, they wil stop males from going into the cinema with females. if DAP wins, there will be a Chinese PM, omg i cant see that coming. If Keadilan wins, they will start taking their revenge towards our former PM and leave the whole country behind. stop repeating the same mistake. even though BN is not up to our standard, but i will still vote for it (if i can vote) simply because i will vote for the best. unless the opposition starts to understand thoroughly why do they lose, and come up with a two party policy in malaysia ( like in the US), if not, they will never see the day they win in an election. wake up, idiots.

my blog... isn't dead yet...